Sunday, January 4, 2015


Why is the fashion in bikutsi music still stuck in the 80s? Are the female artists advised/encouraged to dress this way? Do they even read fashion magazines/watch fashion related shows to keep abreast with the trends and styles? Do their managers care? Most importantly, do their public/fans even care what they look like? Do these fans even know that these artists could look any different if they tried?

So this is Coco Argentee, one of the biggest names last year in bikutsi music at a Television appearance in what looks like a cut out denim trousers with red plastic thigh high boots, a red/polka dot shirt with denim jacket and a wig which is rather indescribable...okay, so what look was she really after? Laid back cool? Club? Eccentric? What?

Imagine seeing Beyonce or Rihanna on a TV appearance watched by many dressed like this...!! Scratch that, imagine seeing Tiwa Savage or Yemi Alade on a TV appearance looking like this!! Our Cameroonian artists ought to know that it is so much more than the music or their talent. How you look and the message associated to you goes a long long way to enabling a solid career span.

Please Coco, sort it out!! At least Lady Ponce is cleaning herself up bit by bit and as for Tchakala VIP...we won't comment.

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