Friday, January 9, 2015


So with all the degrading wahala firmly behind her, Nathalie Koah the girl behind the controversy with "le grand neuf" Samuel Eto'o that rocked 2014 seems to have come out of her troubles on the other side.

Actively using her social media accounts and with almost 4,500 fans on Facebook, Nathalie shows how engaging she can be with her new found fanbase by posting exciting holiday shots and well groomed photos as well as engaging/interactive posts which allows her fans to virtually converse with her.

A day after New Year's day, here is what she wrote:-

"2014 avec son lot de tristesse...d'erreurs s'en allé!
2015 est la !!!!!!!! Les lecons des erreurs sont TIREES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! J'avance le coeur en paix"

So with her lessons learnt and a heart that is peaceful and ready to continue this year, what does this 2015 hold for Nathalie? We watch to find out but we also wish her well as she builds her "Face of Cameroon VIP Agency" and continues work at CamairCo.

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Stay sweet

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Anonymous said...

These BIG girls , Thick Madams...
ah! I cut cafe...

We all learn from our mistakes. choi!

all this my good. I went to the wrong school oh. God 2015 better pay oh for all these my good.