Wednesday, January 7, 2015


The Anggy Haif brand headed by one of the most eccentric personalities in the African fashion scene is the few well known high fashion brands from Cameroon. Based in Paris, France and with a new store opened in the 4th Arrondissement, the brand recently released an online video presentation where Anggy associates the brand to being "eco friendly"  to "nature" "culture" "aesthetic" "colour"

Overall the presentation is a good effort, we applaud the designer and his team for the idea and also for embracing the anglophone part with the subtitling and for thinking about the English fashion market as a whole (widening their market base) however the concept of the video does not totally represent the exclusivity and luxe side and some of the photos shown are quite old. 

It could have been a lot more stylish with for example a zoom on recent high quality pieces in the store juxtaposed with some (staged) catwalk shots or even a fashion film as most of these high fashion brands do! Well, we give you a 5/10 Anggy for the effort and hope to see better next time and please do not include the roaring lion on the next one *wink*

Watch the video below...

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