Friday, January 2, 2015


Hello DC readers and welcome to our first post of 2015. Yes, 2014 is behind us now and with the lessons learned from the trials and challenges and even the good times, we should be ready to grab this spanking new year by the horns! So Happy New Year to you all, we wish you wisdom and strength this 2015. Make it count!

Back to our matter at hand...and here we have our first post with a rather stylish and glamorous edge may we add! In conjuction with Douala based public relations agency ModeMaison PR their Facebook Page here, we have 5 great but diverse ladies to show you who are stylishly doing their bit to keep up the name of Cameroon on Instagram.

Why do we like them? One key theme that runs through these ladies is their LIFESTYLE and this is seen through the way they look, the places they go to, what they are associated with through their posts. So let's take a look at who they are!

Fun loving proud "smallie" (yeaahhhhh smallie rocks!!) who is not afraid to pull faces is Amanda and if you think you have not heard her name before, go and listen to Ambe's Rendez-vous again and you just might spot her name there. Follow her on Instagram @amandanjong

Haute couture loving Kim has a glitterati lifestyle that gets her and her VIP crew into the most happening A list parties around town in the USA and France. Whether it be Kanye or Snoop, she has got that papped! Follow her @kimntsimi

With her trademark fro' which we love, Frederique Tietcheu is the girl we love to hate. Oh yes, this London based ASOS stylist has a unique style sense of her own with elements which are definitely to be copied! Follow her @igobyfrankie

Impeccable looking Jeanne runs a luxury beauty business in Yaounde and if you did not already guess it, everyday seems like a fashionable one for this looker! Follow her @jeanneludie

Proud Bakwerian Lee has travel pics to die for which are all captured on her beautiful travels across the world with her iphone 6! She is on a spirited pursuit of travel, adventure and cultural experiences and she definitely is teaching us a thing or two through her posts! Follow her @spiritedpursuit

And there goes our 5ive Camer chicas to follow on Instagram courtesy of PR agency ModeMaison PR. Twitter/Instagram/Facebook follow: @ModeMaisonPR

Where the Camer boys on Instagram at?! Holla at us boys ;-) Watch out for our 5ive Camer based businesses to know post coming real soon! The post is finally up, click here.

Twitter: @Brownschuga

Stay sweet

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