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Hello dear DC readers, thanks for gracing us once again with your presence. We are happy to bring you our next slot of 5ive Cameroon related things to know and we hope we will have many more to bring to your attention this year. If you missed our 5ive Camer Chicas to know on Instagram post, just click here and enjoy the read.

Without further ado, let's dive into our series know where to go when you need a particular service. Thank us later!

Having personally known her when she was this tall *hands to the hip area* back in Yaoundé, Soraya Sone has grown into a beautiful young woman overflowing with creativity. Give her any event any day and we bet you, you wouldnt be disappointed and that is a promise! Her time working at a London based agency that catered to luxury brands meant Soraya could skillfully perfect her talent while amassing priceless experience. Think CamerCouture Fashion Show a few years back and you will know why it was so ahead of its time. LUXE, was a reality that was bound to happen so for all your events in Cameroon, she has you covered. Contact them here

Public Relations enables you to always put your best foot forward and incase you have not seen or heard, Douala based ModeMaison PR does just that! This new school boutique PR agency right in hip hop Bonamoussadi will use fresh strategies both online and offline to get you noticed by marketing and branding you into a professional and recognised brand. Buzz, Brand, Build? They sure can do! Contact them here

Beauty is certainly in the eye of the beholder but there is no reason why you cannot plump yourself up! Chuck out that drab, oh yes and head over to Yaoundé based luxury beauty bar Ludmilla precisely located at Mballa 2 owned by Jeanne Ludie who we featured in our 5ive Camer Chicas to Know on Instagram here. At Ludmilla, you will be pampered and plumped up like the princess that you are. Contact them here

What makes a business without networking? In Cameroon especially where most rely on word of mouth as their main source of advertising, Sheraiz Delight's SIPEC initiative ran by Etonde Martin is just a dream come true for business owners. It gives you the opportunity to network, exchange and learn under one roof. If you need help with your business, we bet you they have the magic wand so get in touch here

Shall we play dress up? Okay let's head over to Yaoundé based Runway, a beautiful boutique and beauty bar launched last year in Bastos opposite the Nigerian Embassy that caters for women by providing them with chic pieces for your wardrobe and pampering to get you noticed. Going out tonight? Why not make this your first stop! Contact them here

And that brings us to the end of our list! If you know any more businesses we should be talking about, please drop the name in the comments section. If you would like to suggest a topic for us to cover, also drop it in the comments section.

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