Thursday, April 24, 2014


The second edition of the SIPEC networking events is about to kick off in 5 days. Launched in January at the White House Restaurant in Bonapriso and covered here on DC, in just a short space of time SIPEC is creating an impact in the Cameroon business milieu as the must go to forum for business support and advice.

The initiative seeks to promote the spirit of entrepreneurship in Cameroon through identifying entrepreneurs and small businesses and creating a platform whereby their services can be marketed in a fun and light hearted way.

A brainchild of Etonde Martin and hosted by her events management company Sheraiz DelightzSIPEC an acronym for “Sherai’s Initiative for Promoting Entrepreneurs in Cameroon” was inspired by her stay and consequent revisit to the blossoming city of Nairobi in Kenya.

This is what she had to say...I was blown away by how much Kenya had changed when I visited in 2013. The economic activity had given the country a face-lift. I also discovered my school friends had moved up too, some working and most running their own businesses.” 

She also added this...What really struck me was a particular friend who created a once a month forum assisting small businesses with the aid of sponsorship from larger companies. Through her initiative, she has been able to assist and make successful business people out of small artists.

SIPEC 2 will be held at the elegant Star Land Hotel in Bonapriso on April 29th backed by an array of businesses from different fields such as Rainbow Sports Investments, Teks Design, Graffi, SmartTrack, CRTV, FabAfriq Magazine, STV, Leading Industrial Supplier/Loire Industrie Sud (LIS), Ecobank, Thonbs, AVT Media, AJC Graphic, White House Restaurant, ModeMaison PR among others. The event will focus specifically on the topic of overcoming barriers for doing business in Africa and Cameroon in particular, led by a guest speaker.

So if you are a budding entrepreneur, get yourself to this event on April 29th. Here is one more reason why you should attend Through SIPEC, our partners will gain exposure, new clients, and new suppliers, finance, mentoring and coaching. We have customised solutions for our partners.” Etonde explains.

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