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The tourism industry in Cameroon is slowly taking shape with quality well thought out facilities springing up aiming to provide a quality service to the holidaying public. One such facility that recently opened its doors is Moland Beach Resort. We caught up with the owner through the business networking platform SIPEC and below is our little chat.
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DC: What is the main concept of Moland Beach Resort
Moland Beach Resort (MBR): MOLAND BEACH is an all-inclusive self-contained beach-front destination resort that will boast the biggest outdoor fresh water park in the world, a golf course, leisure boat pursuits and other water sports, with ample entertainment and adventures to attract and keep all kinds of visitors, throughout their stay.
We plan to create the first business and vacationer’s year-round paradise, to provide food, drink, lodging, sport, recreation, entertainment , shopping and a conference centre, for the Central and West African region.
DC: What inspired this?
MBR: The need for us to start catering for the growing middle class in the continent with world-class venues where they could rest, relax and rejuvenate. The need to catch up with what is happening around the world, and especially in other African cities. The need for us Africans to start spending our holidays within the continent. The need to believe that beautiful things can come out of Africa.

DC: 5 things you can tell us (potential client) about the resort is?
MBR: They are:-

-It is uniquely located in one of the most attractive parts of Africa – the West Coast of Cameroon in IDENAU - just where the Atlantic turns south in the Gulf of Guinea. This is also the place where the black volcanic sands of Limbe fizzles out at the end of mount Cameroon into the predominantly brown sands of West Africa.

-It is endowed with a multitude of outstanding natural beauties including an island, a haunting lagoon, several rivers criss-crossing as they run into the sea, and a five kilometre natural and unspoilt beach-front.
- It will boast the biggest fresh-water swimming pool in the world.
-The Jet Ski park makes this part of Africa look like Miami Beach or The French Riviera. But the big difference is that here you can have your Jet Ski adventure in the Lagoon (for beginners) or the sea (for the experienced skier).
- This will be the first business and vacationer’s year-round paradise, that will provide food, drink, lodging, sport, recreation, entertainment , shopping and a conference centre, for the Central and West African region. 
DC: Who are behind the project?
MBR: The Royal “We”. But I am looking out for genuine partners.

DC: What has been the biggest challenge?
MBR: Mentality – we don’t seem to be supportive of entrepreneurship that is not Government related and especially if the dream is big. Dishonesty - it is beginning to look like it’s the national game.

DC: Could we potentially see a chain of Moland Beach Resorts across Cameroon/world?
MBR: Yes. Moland could soon take over the world from Disney Land and Lego Land, as the place where adventures are made. And will come in the following forms: Adventure Parks; Hotels and Leisure; Holiday Resorts.

DC: In your opinion, the change in Cameroon is...(complete and tell us why).

MBR: If at all there are any changes, within the private sector in Cameroon, like Government says, it is mostly in the telecom and banking sector. However, this is not exclusive to Cameroon. It is Africa wide. Government is now beginning to understand that the Civil Service has a stranglehold on business in Cameroon. The recent business forum that took place in Douala was to try and address some of these issues. Commended though, this might be too little, too late. Until the issues affecting Small and Medium Size Enterprises are seriously tackled, development in Cameroon will only be brought about by Government, not the heart and soul of business. The SMEs are the back-bone of every economy, and we should understand that. Our government is too big, too powerful, too everywhere, to the extent that it fails to provide the kind of platform or atmosphere in which business needs to strive.

Check out some images of the facility below...

Exciting isn't it? Go visit!

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