Wednesday, June 3, 2015


Miss Bess has been missing on the scene for a few years now since her release of Last Dance which we posted here. Well, guess what? She is back with a spanking new song entitled New Man. Oh yes she is pretty, she is feisty, don’t think she will sit back to cry when that man plays on her oh no, she says it loud and clear – just carry dey go cos her new man go come!

Before you listen to the song which although it carries a sad message, is an upbeat afro pop Cameroon inspired dance track which also has a huge karaoke element. Yes, you would love to sing along like we have been since we were given the opportunity to exclusively sample it in the weekend…but first we spoke to Miss Bess.

DC: What have you been up to since Last Dance in 2013?
Miss Bess: I have been studying, although am finished now, and I have been working on my EP "The Bess Xperience” coming out at the end of this year. I havealso been working on the new single New Man.

DC: Why was a 2 year break needed?
Miss Bess: I stopped music for a while to concentrate on my studies at nursing school. I am all done now and back to please my fans "Bessties."

DC: What inspired New Man?
Miss Bess: New Man was inspired by my mum who had a rough and tough relationship with my father, we were too young to understand but she told me her story and I just had to tell her and all other women going through the same situation the best way I could which was by writing a song. I just hope it makes a difference. 

DC: What is your new vision with your career?
Miss Bess: Well it’s basically taking my music to the next level. Creating music that will touch people’s lives in a fun and joyful way. I intend to keep doing afro-music and connecting with my roots as well as gaining more exposure mostly in Africa.

DC: What next after New Man?
Miss Bess: Well more singles to come out... New Man video of course and my EP "The Bess Xperience" coming out in December. So guys watch out for that and stay tuned on my social media platforms to experience the journey with me.

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