Sunday, June 7, 2015


People ask me for selfies a lot. Some celebrities complain: "oh I can't go anywhere." But that's not how I feel - I like it. I've become the selfie king: I'm a smiler, not a pouter. Girls can look amazing when they pose but guys look silly if they take it too seriously. 

My tip for the perfect selfie is to take it from above. It's all in the angle

This was taken from an interview quote by "Mysterious Girl" crooner Peter Andre from the London Evening Standard magazine last Friday.

The selfie has become one of the biggest social phenomenons and addiction of the new millenium with millions shared everyday across the social media platforms. On the 237 platforms, this is certainly no different and every week we share with you some...take a look!

Luc Richard Mbah A Moute - NBA Player
William Nsai - Photographer
Ngum - Africally Speaking editor
Valery - Kamer Kongossa blogger
Syndy Emade - Actress, model, beauty queen
Gerda - ModeMaison PR girl
Larissa Ngangoum - Miss Cameroon 2014
Arre - Music artist
Sanzy Viany - Music artist
Dareal - Rapper
Arnaud - Auletch editor
Michael Kiessou - Music artist & PhilJohn - Producer/HMG label owner
Harriet - MissBlizzers fashion blogger
Valerie Ayena - Model
Denzel - Model
Patrick Epee - MTN manager
Miss Bess - Music artist
DJ Moyo - Stanley Enow DJ
Alex Song - Barcelona

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Anonymous said...

I wouldn't mind being in the middle of Alex Song's usie, us-e however you spell it lol.
Missblizzers always looks great.