Tuesday, June 23, 2015


It starts with a certain angle: a smartphone tilted at 45 degrees just above your eyeline is generally deemed the most forgiving. Then a light source: the flattering beam of a backlit window or a bursting supernova of flash reflected in a bathroom mirror, as preparations are under way for a night out.

The pose is important. Knowing self-awareness is conveyed by the slight raise of an eyebrow, the sideways smile that says you're not taking it too seriously. A doe-eyed stare and mussed-up hair denotes natural beauty, as if you've just woken up and can't help looking like this. Sexiness is suggested by sucked-in cheeks, pouting lips, a nonchalant cock of the head and a hint of bare flesh just below the clavicle. Snap!

Afterwards, a flattering filter is applied. Outlines are blurred, colours are softened, a sepia tint soaks through to imply a simpler era of vinyl records and VW camper vans.

All of this is the work of an instant. Then, with a single tap, you are ready to upload: to Twitter, to Facebook, to Instagram, each likeness accompanied by a self-referential hashtag.  Soon, you repeat the whole process, trying out a different pose. Again and again. This then, is the addictive selfie: the self-portrait of the digital age. We are all at it. Just type "selfie" into the Twitter search bar. Or take a look at Instagram, where over 90million photos are currently posted with the hashtag #me.

The Cameroon online users are not immune to this selfie syndrome and even mama Chantou caught the bug. Here below are our best selfies from the week...

Locko - Music artist
Mercy Kumase - Fashion blogger
Vanessa Mbenoun & McKevin Ayaba - Miss Cameroon South Africa organisers
Valerie Ayena - Model
Ama Fru - Music artist/Producer
Nakuin Kouido - Fashion designer
Fidjil - TV host & Dynastie Le Tigre - Music artist
Fese - Fashion designer & Numerica - Music artist
Martin Enow - Motherland CEO
Andrea Bomo - Journalist/VoxAfrica

Minou Chrystal - Interior decorator & Brice Albin - Radio host
Diane Ngako - Vister l'Afrique founder
Okawa Shaznay - Actress
Stella Esai - Fashion boutique owner
Joan Ngomba & Krystn Enem - TV hosts
And there you have it for this week! You too can be part of our selfie list, send yours to brownschuga@yahoo.com

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Stay sweet

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