Sunday, May 10, 2015


It is another Selfie time here on the Dulce Camer blog where we share selfies taken by Cameroonians on social media. We do try our best to keep up with who is sharing what however, if you do come across selfies online and if you do have your own to share do not hesitate to send them over to us! Our details below...

Millions of Selfies are shared everyday across all the major social media platforms and according to infographics from 2014, 50% of men and 52% of women have taken a Selfie with the most being shared on Facebook. Kim Kardashian, the queen of selfie has even released a book this week called...Selfish!

Ok so these are our best selfies this week...and for some reason we seem to have many media reps on here...what the heck happened to them? Take a peek...

Brenda - D3 Dancer, Frida - MUA, Denzel - Model
Solange - STV presenter
Patrick - MTN Manager
Mimi Pary - Music artist
Seraphdumic - Sky One Radio host
Eliza-Blessing - TamTam Weekend presenter
Bonas - RTM radio host
Naoumie - Model
Jessica - Miss Cameroun Littoral 2015, Brice - Generation 2.0 Nostalgie radio host
Kelly - Promoter
Sophie - radio/tv host
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Anonymous said...

Ehm Tam Tam le eyebrows

Njotu Denzel Joseph said...

Beautiful people :) <3

Keshia E said...

Lol at anonymous we were thinking it but you said it out loud 🙈 nonetheless cool selfies!!!

Dulce said...

Haaahaaa!! Y'all crack us up 😃