Saturday, May 23, 2015


Irene Major, is one half of London based Major girl group which she formed with her sister Elsa. Remember their X Factor encounter with Simon Cowell and co last year? Irene is also a former model with stints in James Bond and other TV shows and she lives a fabulously fairytale princess lifestyle. 

The Yaoundé born Paris raised now mother of 5 is wife to Canadian oil tycoon with interests throughout Africa Sam Malin with whom together with their children live in a Jacobean-style 18th century country mansion named Ingress Abbey in Greenhithe Kent, England.

Through her online postings and our brief chat, we discover the fabulously enviable 'haute couture' lifestyle that Irene lives surrounded by exclusive items, a vast expensive wardrobe plus access to the best things in life...Let's check it out...!

Her Home...she describes Ingress Abbey as Heritage, Classique, her Castle.

Her Cars...her favourite car brands are Bentley, Porsche, Rolls Royce...

Her Yacht Life...her 3 favourite places/countries to visit include Seychelles, Dubai, Home - Cameroon

Her Fashion Life...her favourite brands she says are Chanel, Hermes, Dior and she describes her fashion style as unique, fearless and classic with a major twist!

Meeting Queen Elizabeth a garden party as Lord and Lady Hailes from the Scottish Baroney

La fille a percé bien bien not so?! Live your life like it is golden Irene! Flaunt it, enjoy it and thank you for the little  chat!!

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Stay sweet

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