Wednesday, May 6, 2015


The girl from one of 2014's best songs Rastafari is back and in case you didn't know her name - she goes by the name of Daphne a vocally and physically gifted rising artist. 

With her new song entitled Gunshot which is a war themed song, Daphne looks at the struggle that artists face at the forefront of their job which makes them easy targets for nasty and not so nasty comments. The song was also inspired by the current state of the Cameroon music industry - the negativity all around making the song a mediating platform urging all parties involved to get along and build something lasting without taking gunshots. Daphne states "I truly believe we have a once in a lifetime opportunity to make history with our music. I enjoyed recording this song and more so doing the video.

On the surface, the song also encapsulates and speaks to the growing violence that is going on across Africa and in the North of Cameroon. Watch the video below...

One thing which we would like to pass on to team Stevens is to please take her overall image a bit more seriously! Her make-up needs to be better applied even though she seems to have been sweating quite a bit under that heat which may have made her make-up run (get a fan on set perhaps?). Her hairstyle needs to be updated, we have seen that shaved side and twist look all last year *sad face* and lastly, take risks on her choice of clothes to make her extraordinary. We would like Daphne to make us and the rest of the girls in Cameroon to dream a gunshots please we are merely suggesting hiihii *kissou kissou*

And on that note from us, like the video, share it!

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Keshia E said...

I def agree with your critic nonetheless, cool song and video

Anonymous said...

You are an original Hater--- She went out of her way, she danced her ass off, but you dont see that. It is Stanley and Gasha you worship. Please. If Stanley or other men have the same hair style for 7 years its not a hot topic. Stop picking on girls for their dressing, hair and make-up. concentrate on their delivery just like you do for the guys. Just because she is not with your MMPR does not mean she is not super.

We love you Daphne. You can keep the same hair style for a whole year.

Dulce said...

'Original hater'? LMAO some people are just too much! Dear Anonymous, for your information Tinzim her manager requested our feedback and also approved this comment before it was published. Thank you madam for visiting.

nebson237 said...

some peopple sef! good write up DC, i love Daphne so much but that hairdo is so 2001,she should try something more edgy if i may use that word, and her Management should stop copying, they should try to be original in their vids. i see queen bee, Rihanna and Shakira in one video. they did a great job dow.