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Where is her other arm?
House of Maliq although its name evokes a fashion clothing brand, is according to their website a worldwide fashion magazine of Nigerian heritage best known for its celebrity exclusive cover shoot and high fashion features. The magazine recently featured the elaborate and very vivacious music artist and business woman Dencia in their May 2015 edition. Follow the interview below and then check out the shots which were shot at Dencia's home in California. Dencia wearing Dencia outfits.

HOUSE OF MALIQ- What has Dencia been up to lately?
Dencia-  I’ve been chasing my dreams and living life. I'm working hard and having lots of fun doing it. I’m currently on the road promoting my new single, “African energy” .
This week alone, I just left Las Vegas, where I attended the billboard awards for Los Angeles to kiss my beautiful dogs and now headed to Lagos to premier the video for my new single, “African energy” and then Europe for more promotion.

HOUSE OF MALIQ- You seems to be a business woman, still standing tall. Tell us what inspired you?
Dencia- I’m a goal driven person who is relentless in pursuing my dreams. I’m inspired by not just one person. I draw inspiration from everything and everyone around me.
I’m inspired by powerful & successful women like Folorunsho Alakija, historical greats like the Queen of Matamba, Madam CJ Walker( okay let me not get too deep lol) and of course my grandmother who raised me to be fearless.
I’m also inspired by haters, I’ve observed that the more focused you are and the higher you climb the ladder to success in life, the less you can hear their rants, rumors and lies from below.

HOUSE OF MALIQ- What do you enjoy most about fashion and how has it impacted in your career?
Dencia- Fashion is something I'm extremely passionate about. I truly enjoy colours, sunglasses, shoes, visors, accessories, anything fashion. I believe I’ve always had style since I was a little girl. I believe fashion is an expression of personal or collective style. it can speak for a person, culture or group of people. There is hip hop inspired fashion, vintage fashion, chic styled fashion, edgy harijuku style & pop fashion, all types of fashion. The most important thing is having your own style and expressing yourself however you chose to.
I’ve attended fashion events all over the world from Europe to Tokyo and of course the United States. I’m always networking and studying the game like Kanye West. You can bet on the fact that I will be respected and known in the fashion industry shortly.

HOUSE OF MALIQ- Tell us about your new single?
Dencia- My new single is called African energy. It’s a different type of song from what I’ve done in the past. I believe it shows my growth as a music artist. The song is about African unity and the video celebrates a few African greats and showcases our beautiful continent in a positive manner. Proceeds from the song’s sales will benefit the relatives of victims of xenophobia & terrorism in my beautiful continent Africa. I believe that music is a powerful tool and most artists don’t take the time to send out positive messages, I choose to do that with this single “African energy”. The visuals (video) are awesome too. I wore some amazing outfits. It was shot In the comfort of my home because I wanted it to have that African feel & Energy and we had a great time putting the vision together.

HOUSE OF MALIQ- What are the secrets of your beauty?
Dencia- I‘m very flattered. The secret to beauty is loving yourself. This is the 21st century, I believe If you don’t like something about yourself like your hair, your weight, your teeth, your skin tone, your income status, your habits, you can change it. There is nothing wrong with making a few adjustments and being happy. Life is too short. It doesn’t mean you hate yourself because you wear make up, wear weaves, wigs or go natural. If you have tattoos, lighten your skin, or tan you skin, that’s your personal choice.  What matters is loving yourself to study the pros and cons, use the right products and making sure you don’t pay attention to critics. They just wish they had the courage to be themselves and express themselves.

HOUSE OF MALIQ- you are very controversial and a strong woman in the industry what has the challenges been like and motivations?
Dencia- what industry? I’m not part of any industry because I am in any every industry . Music is how I express myself, music has helped me grow, I don’t relate to most artists because we are different people with different dreams & visions, I have a vision, driven by a vision of a different version.. I don’t have the same challenges they have. I'm in my own lane,  They can’t make their own decisions and rely on music to survive. In my situation, I’m focused on building a beauty brand,fashion & much more that will take care of me and my future kids and their kids. Any controversy is mostly because people choose to focus on my personal choices. I just live my life and people talk about it. I’m motivated by the fact that I’m not yet where God wants me to be.. I found out Steve Forbes the CEO follows me on twitter and I'm very excited. That means I must be doing something right.

HOUSE OF MALIQ- Advice to fans out there?
Dencia- My advice is believe in yourself, stay faithful, work hard and take advantage of opportunities when they come knocking, be fearless & above all trust & believe in God & wait on him. Don't listen to critics or random Joes, if anything they aren’t getting paid so you should keep being a Queen. A lot young women out there get misguided and all I want to tell them is you can be whoever and whatever you want to be in life no matter where you come from, strong women are hard to find these days, be a queen and stand your ground, follow your dreams & don’t believe that you can’t make it without a man.Yes you can & for all the Kings out there just be great men.

The other arm?
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