Sunday, March 1, 2015


Let's start with that marriage proposal and that kiss, yes a live marriage proposal and a sensual kiss between presenters Kelly and Pascal Pierre which has turned out to be the very highlight of the show and guess what? It was all in the name of fun!!

The prestigious Canal 2'Or awards celebrated its 10th anniversary in style yesterday live from the Palais des Congres in Yaounde, the capital town. With many celebrities within the culture sector turning up from other towns to be appreciated and rewarded on the event dubbed the 10th Act, the event certainly lived up to a more polished and refined image  - different to what the viewers were accustomed to and the online community was available to ensure the event trended on hashtag #Cana2Or as we watched it live online as well.

It was not a 100% perfect but it showed that a lot of thought and work process had gone on behind the scenes and with the presence of  the first lady popularly known as Mama Chantou who was seen to be enjoying herself especially when Mani Bella was performing sealed a support which has certainly been uncommon before. 

The winners on the night included Michael Kiessou/NS Pictures for Tourner Les Reins video, Stanley Enow; the biggest winner of the night walked away with 2 awards for Best Newcomer and Best Urban Artist, X Maleya won Best Male, Coco Argentee won Best Female and Mani Bella won Best Song with Pala Pala beating Stanley Enow's Hein Pere. Performances on the night included Lady Ponce, Daphne, Coco Argentee, Mani Bella, Stanley Enow, Salle John, Marole Tchamba and Ebogo Emerent etc

The studio public could have been a tad more lively but it wasn't going to happen was it? They were as stiff as a dead body! Anyway, the official pictures from the event do not seem to be available yet and these below are what we could get our hands on through scouring Facebook! Take a peek!

Spying Larissa Ngangoum, Miss Cameroon 2014

Is it a funeral or entertainment show? Wake up people!

Mama Chantou with her prize

Pala Pala Mani Bella, Camer's Lady Gaga

Hein Pere Stanley Enow


Dijay Pazzo, Gasha, Ebangha, Magasco

Presenters Souflane & Laura

Souflane & co presenter

Didier Kouamo and Stanley Enow

Gasha and mother

That kiss!!
For a full list of the winners, go here

That's it!

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Anonymous said...

Indeed is it a funeral?People feel like they are off to another national conference.
Merci Mme 1st Lady Chantou always being supportive - entertainment industry.

Now the business of sap! Mtcheww on most of these people. We can do better!