Tuesday, March 24, 2015


Pamela Happi is about to become the biggest name to know on prime time television in Cameroon through her soon to air Orange sponsored talk show Miss P Show inspired by her passion for infotainment and a desire to produce a dynamic show that conspicuously veers off from the status quo.

The show will focus on promoting a youth culture where the young can serve as role models and game changers in their communities through indulging in diverse segments on fashion, health, music, entertainment, celebrity. “We are not confined to a set of rules. We will adapt to the needs of our audience but our DNA is providing info and entertainment to people of our (my) generation". Stated Pamela.

Pamela’s Marketing Communication degree has certainly come in handy in the marketing of this show. Offline promotion has seen billboard placements on key locations across Limbe, Kumba, Bamenda, Douala, Buea and Yaoundé, flyers created and distributed and online you can find them on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube where the shows will be aired after going live to serve the diaspora audience.

So take a rendez-vous this April 3rd on STV from 8:30pm…make sure you tune in but in the meantime let us check out her well interiored set…!!

Pamela Happi on set of the Miss P Show

And now keep up with the teaser!

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Twitter: @Brownschuga

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Anonymous said...

I am glad some1 stepping up the game in regards to TV programs set. I love the decor. It's about time. We have captivating and creative sets on TV.
I hope the producers of the show are consistent.
I wish the show consistence and long duration.
Well done Pam and please continue to be on top of the game pushing the boundaries so your show is a continuous success. #237
Joan M

Anonymous said...

Many thanks for this super article Cynthia. You got me all emotional now.

Joan, thanks for your support and advice. We will definitely do the best we can my team and I to make this show worth putting everything on hold to watch. Best wishes to you.

MK said...

I feel so proud of young Cameroonians in this generation. We are doing the damn thing. Go Miss P. Btw how do we watch in the US? ModeMaison do you have any idea?


Unknown said...

Pamela, Congrats on the Miss P Show... The set is amazing. Wish you the best as you join us in the Television Business. We will together put Cameroon on the entertainment map. Kudos girl

Ninot said...

this is awesome.

Anonymous said...

Many thanks MK. The youtube link to the show will be posted on our page once it's aired on tv.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Krystn. Hope u get here soon. Virginia land to explore.

Anonymous said...

What a start! This is way beyoung what i had imagined. Interesting!!! Lots of Courage Miss P. I know you will make it big.

Esopi said...

This article was super helpful and on point, thank you so much. I’m reading all the other articles as well.
From the blogger at Kinnakas blog