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Mother’s Day in the UK is only a few days away and we thought it best to celebrate this day by offering to our readers the possibility of offering something timeless and unique so your dear ones can treasure. A beautiful piece of jewellery is always met with a smile and contentment and just in case you were wondering what to offer to your mother, mother in law, or sister or cousin for this day, here is our idea – Bijoux Paradise!

We caught up with Sidonie, the jewellery maker and business head behind the brand. Happy reading!

DC: Imagine that the Dulce Camer readers are silent investors with a few thousand pounds to buy into Bijoux Paradise, what would your sales pitch be?

BP: Bijoux Paradise is fundamentally a handmade jewellery business. I make customised jewellery for any occasion and for every day wear. Occasionally, I will stock pendants and a few metal pieces that have not been made in-house. We are a young vibrant business that seek to make every woman look beautiful at an affordable price. I believe I offer a unique closeness between myself (jewellery maker/designer) and customers that you can't get on the high street. With Bijoux Paradise, you get the chance to be involved in the design and creative process of your piece as well as an outstanding customer service at front of house. I also offer consultation and jewellery making service for the bride and the bridal party which can be tailored to the bride's colour scheme, dress/hair style etc...

DC: How do you juggle being a wife, mother and entrepreneur? 

BP: It's is hard and there are never enough hours in the day. But where there's a will there's a way. My typical day starts around 7 am with the baby, breakfast, play group, and cooking. I usually wait till the baby is napping before I would make some jewellery or do some marketing. When dinner and everyone is out of the way, I settle in to do some paperwork which includes accounting; invoicing...then I carry on crafting some more before bedtime.

DC: What are the required elements needed to become a great jewellery maker? 

BP: A great eye for colour pattern, lots of patience working with tiny and big beads alike and the ability to start all over again when you spot a mistake in the pattern without easily giving up. The willingness to try new things / new designs makes a great jewellery maker. Great customer service is another key element as each customer has to feel valued and listened to. You want them to walk away wanting to recommend you or come back for a repeat purchase. A thick skin and a mind to keep going no matter the odds because the business does go through quiet and busy patches so the ability to plan and forecast is also very important. 

DC: How do you come up with the design ideas for a particular jewellery item and what is the creative process behind it from start to finish? 
BP: If it is a made to order piece. I usually start with a brief from the client which includes details of the occasion; what colour they'd like, what type of outfit they're wearing what their preferred style is. After all these have been established, I show the client some existing designs that match their criteria to see if they want anything in a particular colour or style. If they want something unique created, then I get to work and work to their brief and come up with a piece for them. If I'm just making a piece to go for sale to the general public then the design and inspiration could come from anything and everything – for example: the weather, the current fashion trend, a celebrity. One of my earrings was modelled on a piece I saw Dame Julie Walters wear during a TV interview it has been a popular piece so far!

DC: What has been your strategy so far to get some visibility for your brand? Is it working? 
BP: The business is under a year old and so far I have concentrated on getting the brand name out there via social media, so you will find us on Twitter and Facebook. I am also working towards an Etsy store for the brand. In the summer months I have a stall at the local markets around the Bedfordshire county. I also attend lots of crafts and wedding fairs during the year which all give me a chance to meet new and existing customers as well as increase the brand visibility.

You can find out more about Bijoux Paradise at:
Twitter: @BijouxParadise
Facebook: Here

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