Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Zangalewa was the theme song that epitomised the playfulness of some of the music and videos back in the 80's in Cameroon. The biggest track by the group with the same name it was no doubt one of the biggest songs of our generation and till date the most nostalgic.
Well in a few months, this song will be in the lips of millions thanks to it being featured on one of the tracks of the 2010 World Cup!!
DC is so excited about this and just wants to share!!
Enjoy...On avance le Cameroun!!

The real version

Stay sweet


Mambi. A said...

oh men sweet.
that will be such a huge exposure for the artist who am sure are retired now..lol

Anonymous said...

I agree with you "Mon petite Niche". "Retired" best describes most of those who made up the Zangalewa... I think Annie Anzouer is still hooked to music though her singing style has significantly changed.

Any way, haveing this song remixed for 2010 World Cup and sang by Shakira is really makes Camer stand out.