Thursday, December 4, 2008


Bright is a jovial 4 year old, suffering from an aggressive Retinoblastoma, per initial discussions with his doctors in Cameroon. Retinoblastoma is a rare form of cancer that begins in the part of the eye called the retina, which is a thin layer of nerve tissue that enables us to see. Most cases are unilateral (involving only one eye) as in Bright’s case, but some may be bilateral. If the retinoblastoma spreads, it can spread to the lymph nodes, bones, or the bone marrow. Rarely, it involves the central nervous system.

In Brigh's case, his tumour is unilateral, and per conversations with the doctors taking care of him in Cameroon, it is growing aggressively. He had surgery 2 years ago to remove the tumour but it has recurred with a rather aggressive growth, now involving over half of his face, extending into his facial bone structures and also some involvement of his brain tissue.

We are also informed he began chemo therapy to slow down the growth of this tumour with very little success as you can see from the pictures. At this point, intervention will not only be a shot at improving his quality of life but also at saving his life.

So, AWDF, a non-profit organisation registered in the State of Georgia, USA, has set up a special committee of friends and supporters who want to help in every way possible. Their goal is to raise enough funds to get Bright treated in the USA. They need your help too ;-)

Please, let us try and help in any way we can to give this little kid a brighter future!
To contribute or for more information, please check this out;-

Bank Account Details:-
Account Number: 2000044645474
Routing: 061000227

You can also join the Bright Fuh support group online on:

A blog has been set up too:

The Bright Committee leaders are:-
Mr. Gustave Efotte / Mr. Ivo Tasong
Committee Chair Committee Co-Chair

Lady Kate Njeuma / Dr. Gwen Shang
Committee Co-ordinator Committee Medical Liaison

Ms Esther Ayuk / Mr. Raymond Akoson
Financial Auditor Committee PR

(All information given by Linda Vakunta)

Tis the season to be helpful...talalalala lalalala


Anonymous said...

thanks for the update. Its good to see our professionals looking out for this young man.

Anonymous said...

I challenge those out there that read this to make at least a small commitment to help this child. Pray that this child is helped soon.