Monday, December 1, 2008


Guys and girls, it has come to a point where we will need to do something inorder to save a life and give this little young boy, called Bright, a brighter future.
This story has been going around and I did get several emails which I didn't even read thinking it was one of those scams.
To stop people doing the same thing that I have been doing, Ngum and I felt we definitely needed to put this story on the blog so that people can see the extremity of this poor child's case and the need for a swift response to alleviate him and give him the chance he needs.

Fuh Bright Afangwei has been diagnosed with "Right Orbital Tumour" and his parents, Gladys and Godwill from Bamenda in the North West Province of Cameroon cannot afford the money needed to get this child treated.
Time is of the essence for this young boy.....
To read this story more in depth, please visit this link:

Dulce Camer will be reporting back on how we can contribute to save this young boy.
Please watch out for an update..



Anonymous said...

hey gurl,his story is really sad.i know there has been a lot going on in terms of trying to bring him here to the US for treatment.actually a blog has been created for him.will check the link and send to u.I will keep praying fo rhim and all those in similar situations.
keep up the good work Dulce!

Anonymous said...

I was also going to do a post on Fuh Bright, but u beat me to it. There are actually several other groups, both in Cameroon and in the diaspora collecting funds for this case as well as other similar cases.
Hope it turns out well for the family.