Friday, December 12, 2008


Miss Cameroon UK is on again this year and we have 8 finalists all battling to take Miss Sandrine's crown!
Who is going to win?
To find out, come and witness for yourself!

Venue: Polish Centre, 238-246 King Street, London W6 0RF
Date: 20th December 2008
Time: 7.30pm to 11.30pm
Price: £20 in advance & £30 on the door

Miss Barry Jackson, 30, Student, Littoral Province

Miss Christiane Dawwe, 22, Student, Western Province

Miss Irene Muma, 18, Student, Central province

Miss Josiane Nzuekeu, 24, Student, Western Province

Miss Marcelline Menyie, 18, Student Midwife, South-West Province

Miss Naomi Bicharri, 20, Student, North-West Province

Miss Octavie Bei, 20, Student, Littoral Province

Miss Sophia Ayuk, 21, Student, South-West Province

Come and support if you can and see who wins!
Stay sweet


Anonymous said...

Belle initiative, elles sont assez jolies mais j'ai une préférence pour Irène... Bon, je reviendrais m'informer des résultats.
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Prince Hamilton said...

They are beautiful but with very bad hairstyles. You see; different faces carry different hairsyles. Find the hairstyle that fits your face shape. When you have a round face the best of option is not to puff out your hair around the corners for you become like small body big head especially if your body is a bit huge. You do no scatter your hair on your face in any competition where they have to look at your face. I have been on a panel to judge beauty so at least know a few qualities.

Dulce said...

Edouardtambia, je suis avec toi là...j'ai une préférence pour Miss Irène, elle semble très jolie...
I hope she wins....

Anonymous said...

I was at "Miss Cameroon UK 2008", beleive me you would of laughed! The show started at 11pm, the DJ well...was some Polish guy they found-poor timing,poor organisation, crowd boowing... and ye it would not be an african show without curruption,after annoucing on a winner, the judges changed their mind taking the award and giving it to the fair skin contestant, reason being it was too dark when they chose the winner

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I am from Canada and if i had to vote it would be for Sophia, she has natural beauty. Best of luck Jacquie