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Speaking to Roland, I started to see Cameroon in a different light. I saw a Cameroon where there was hope, there was life, there was change and there was a different way of thinking – the Forward, Onward thinking – It makes me shout out “Cameroon Oboso”!
He most definitely is a man of many talents and his positivity and drive, determination and vision makes me say – watch out for this man folks!

Here below is the interview he gave to me. Happy Reading!!

DC: Name
RNN: Roland Nkwain Ngam

DC: Age
RNN: 33

DC: Location
RNN: Johannesburg

DC: Why did the chicken cross the road?
RNN [laughing] to get to the other side!

DC: You are a conference translator and interpreter, how did you get into this?
RNN: My dad did a bit of translating and interpreting, he translated a novel and while in Garoua, I picked up French. I was going to do African Studies at University of Buea but the course was stopped (I guess they didn’t have that many students wanting to do it or may be they didn’t deem the course important) so I decided to go for the next option which was French and English. After University of Buea, I went to Wit Watersrand, a University that Nelson Mandela himself attended to do my masters. After the masters programme, I joined an Interpreting company.

DC: How much work do you get in such an age where most are at least bilingual?
RNN: I have been interpreting for about 7 years now and yes a lot of people are bilingual these days but conference interpreting is very high precision. It involves reasoning and interpreting at the same and it is also very specialised and most people even though they may speak the language, may not be able to do this.

DC: Is it rewarding?
RNN: It is a good work out! Financially speaking in a day one can get about CFA 200,000.

DC: Tell us about BushFallers Magazine (BFM). What made you start this?
RNN: I was in discussion with a class mate who also majored in journalism and while we were talking about opportunities in Cameroon for the youths back in Cameroon we realised that it is difficult for them to choose a career as over there we are more subject orientated rather than specific career orientated. Since as the world is specialising more, I think they need to be in synch with this and for them to have a voice we needed to create a platform. So my friend and I brainstormed some ideas and I already had Bushfaller in mind because I wanted something that would relate to young Cameroonians. It is a magazine that talks about politics, entertainment, education etc. The magazine started last year November and we focused mainly in Cameroon as that is where the market base is. It was a huge success, in terms of response. I received a lot of calls which was very encouraging!
You see Africans have not gotten to that stage where they create their own things yet. We rely a lot on others and I feel we need to get that entrepreneurial spirit and help each other.

DC: For those who are not in Cameroon, how can they get this Magazine?
RNN: For the moment it will be based only in Cameroon. I am also trying to get a good base here in South Africa then I will head to the West. You see, in the magazine business you invest a lot of money but the returns is not till about 2 years later and getting distributors is the most expensive part. However, saying this too, I actually have some people distributing in the following areas already: Mr Divine Anjeh in DC area USA, Mr Nju Randy in Scandinavia and Mr Wokia Azi in Germany.

DC: How difficult or easy is it starting a magazine?
RNN: The financial aspect is the most difficult especially if you do not have investors. At the moment, BFM is funded entirely by myself. I also have some investors who pay to place their adverts in the magazine, this is a way of convincing them that I am real and here to stay [he laughs].

DC: Any legal issues you have to deal with?
RNN: The company is registered as a “pty” company. There’s also the parent company which I created called Media Africa Group. So under this you have BFM and also Black Media which is going to be focused across Africa and will be for men only. In due time , we will also launch a women’s magazine.

DC: How is it being a Cameroonian in South Africa?
RNN: Success of the Cameroonian football team has helped us a lot (many don’t realise!) and so “brand” Cameroon is already known here. The Cameroonian community here have good jobs etc and so it is easy to interact and settle down here in South Africa.

DC: What about the rioting. Did it affect you?
RNN: You need to understand the demographics of the country. The population is made up of about 70% blacks and 30% whites and within the 70%, 10% are foreigners. So, the group that were affected where those foreigners who did menial jobs and lived in shanty towns.

DC: Ok

DC: What has been your inspiration?
RNN: My parents were very hardworking and disciplined. My father’s last job was as the principal of CCAS Bambili. I will be eternally grateful to both my father and my mother. Secondly, Sacred Heart College taught me that the sky was my limit and that if I aimed high, I would achieve high. It made us understand that the world was ours and it taught us the confidence we needed.

DC: And your future goals?
RNN: I see myself as an “artiste”. I am constantly re-inventing myself! I like to out perform myself and I hate to be stagnant. As for my goals, I want to set up the biggest media empire in Africa, websites, books, TV and radio stations etc.
I also want to have a comedy CD out.

DC: So you are also a comedian?
RNN: Yes! [He laughs]. I am a man of many talents! I sampled some of my comedy on my friends and they loved it so I would like to follow that with a CD. I would also like to bring out a poetry CD. I like to be on my feet!

I wrote my first novel, The Family Jewel, while in form 2 at Sacred Heart College so I have always loved expressing myself.
I like to work, work, work.

DC: Ok. Thank you so much for the time of this interview. I am sure we will be speaking again.
RNN: Thank you too, keep up the good work.

DC: Dulce Camer
RNN: Roland Nkwain Ngam

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Have a wondeful weekend.
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Anonymous said...

Great interview!

Roland, you are a very talented guy! Africa needs people like you to push us forward.


Anonymous said...


You are an inspirational hard working man.

More grease to your elbows ;-)

Tabs, great interview!!


Anonymous said...

Great Interview, it's really nice to read from cameroonians who are out there making moves. It's really inspires me to keep working hard towards my dream.


Anonymous said...

It feels so good to hear from Cameroonians with such talents and visions. Thanks to Dulce Camer. Keep it up!


Menoosha said...

Hi Dulce!
Glad to find you on blogspot! Contact me anytime at, I am also on facebook!

One love, Menoosha

Anonymous said...

Great piece! You are turning out to be a multitalented young lady yourself. More grease to your elbow if I can say so. Go on and get better.
The sky's the limit for you. Take it in J's name.

Roland, as a Cameroonian you make me proud. Un seul mot. CONTINUE.

Anonymous said...

Grat to know that there are young Cameroonians ladies like Misses Achu and Menoosha out there doing us proud in their respective fields. I duff my hat to them.
Thanks very much dulcecamer for sweetening my heart with these info. You're indeed doing a wonderful job.

May I suggest that you interview young Cameroonians who are into the business of God and how it has affected their lives and those of other people.

Thanks again.

Aunty AMEN.

Anonymous said...

Hello Dulce Camer...I am AKERE-MAIMO, the Founder and CEO of the Cameroonian-based SILVERLINE - a media and entertainment group aimed at promoting art and creating visibility for Cameroonian young talents to the world. I enjoyed your interview with RNN. DC offers a great portal for the promotion of talents and I think we can work in partnership. I am ready to share my views on the evolving Cameroonian Showbiz Fame and make propositions on how to fuel this locomotive with "coordinated efforts and integrated marketing approach".

Good Luck! Hope to hear from you seen.

Communication & Information Assistant
Cameroon Coalition Against Malaria, CCAM
Tel: 237 75 20 58 67