Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Ms Francoise Mbango Etone wins Gold at the olympics for the women's triple jump final. Congratulations to her!
She is doing a great job considering that she trains herself!
We are all pleased though that at least Cameroon has been represented and represented well at the olympics!
Goodluck for the future too!

Miss Cameroon 2008
The winner, Miss Joëlle Audrey Amboagué was received in audience by the Minister of Culture, Ama Tutu Muna.
She was accompanied by Anita Awana, the winner of Miss Naïades who was elected in Cotonou, Bénin (picture below).
The minister and her guests focused their discussions on the two elections during which the two young Cameroonian beauties emerged in first position i.e. the Miss Cameroon (in Yaounde) and the Miss Naïades (in Cotonou).
These young ladies, exalted in their own fashion the Cameroonian woman and the Cameroonian culture by putting on the beauty crowns.
Both beauty queens assured the minister of their availability to respond to her invitations whenever she did have need for them.
Ama Tutu Muna was pleased with both ladies and declared her openness to support them realise the cultural projects they presented to her.

Miss Naiades 2008
On her part, the laureate of the 2002 "Miss Cameroon" competition, Belobo Nomgne Agathe, has expressed concern over the plight of beauty queens in the country. She says beauty queens are cultural ambassadors of Cameroon and deserve to be treated with respect.
The president of the organising committee of the Miss Cameroon contest, Ingrid Solange Amougou affirms this, saying that beauty queens are ambassadors for the youth.
Miss Cameroun, she says is intelligence and beauty at the service of the underprivileged and victims of society like the handicapped, abandoned children etc. They also work for the protection of the environment and serve as role models for the young ones.
Taken from CRTV.

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