Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Hey guys and girls, I would like to say a big thank you to all those who have taken the time out to visit the blog. An extra big thanks to all those who left a comment on the site and those who emailed me their comments too.
I have to say that the response has been encouraging, motivating and invigorating. I will continue to do this as long as I have people who are willing to share their stories, their goals and their inspirations. I was speaking to someone who said that this site should be like a "reference point" and I think that that person summed it up pretty nicely.
Dulce Camer is a platform, a reference point, a place where fellow Cameroonians can come to seek a talent or to get advice on a particular career path or business venture they want to embark on.
This blog has made me even more proud to be a Cameroonian because I have realised how much the younger generation are striving to make it and to make it big. They are so creative, so daring, so imaginative and also so business minded!! I will always say big up, chin up and keep doing what you are doing.
If we continue like this, Cameroon will be a different place!

"Oboso", "oboso"!

Two things that caught my eye in the news:

ONE: On monday, 11 August 2008 in the London Paper and the London Lite was a report about the killing of a Cameroonian Diplomat on sunday at his home in Greenford (Middlesex, England). Kitts Mbeboh (60 years old) was apparently stabbed to death. In today's papers again, there was a feature about the arrest and charge of his son Beza Mbeboh (28 years old) in connection with the murder. He had just finished his degree in architecture.

TWO: Tomorrow, 14 August 2008 is handover day of Bakassi from the Nigerian Government to the Cameroon Government after signing a treaty. Many are praying that the handover is as peaceful and friendly as possible. The oil riched area of Bakassi has been the centre of a massive feud between these two nations. Hopefully this will be sorted once and for all tomorrow.

Watch out for my second feature soonest!!
Stay sweet

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