Sunday, April 24, 2016


The composer and songwriter known internationally as Eliel Arrey has released his latest full-length record, “The Essentials.” The album contains no fewer than 20 tracks for an approximate total listening time of 80 minutes, making for a comprehensive collection of material from Arrey's repertoire. It has been proudly published on the EA Music Group; an independent label.

In addition to Eliel Arrey himself, the album features remarkable performances by Nasomi, Yolanda Arrey, and Steve Owner with an extended instrumental of Eliel Arrey's 'Paradise' remix of a track by Melissa Otero.

Broadly varied, emotionally evocative, and showcasing the artist's most innovative work to date, “The Essentials” from Eliel Arrey is indispensable for fans of pop music and epic anthems alike. Eliel Arrey cites as main artistic influences two families of musicians: for his anthems and classical tracks, Hans Zimmer, James Horner, Thomas Bergersen, John Powell, Audiomachine, and Two Steps from Hell; for his EDM productions, David Guetta, Avicii, Jake Shanahan, and Hardwell. These two musical identities dovetail smoothly on “The Essentials,” just as they intertwine in Arrey's work in general.

His electronica and pop music offerings tend to have aspects of classical narrative and sweeping, soaring waves of sound. Likewise, his classical compositions and soundtracks are marked with motivating narratives and memorable, catchy melodies as are found in his pop and EDM.

Something special about my album was a special tribute we gave to Cameroon, our homeland. I composed and arranged my own orchestral rendition of the Cameroonian National Anthem and posted it on Youtube.  It's been just over a week and so many Africans came out in support around the world and that short video has been played over 56,000 times!!” Stated Arrey.

The love and support has been amazing.” Further stated Arrey.

Listen to the special rendition of the National Anthem here below

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