Thursday, April 7, 2016


Art – Inspired by Africa, Colour, Movement, Dance!

SHIRI ACHU'S FIRST ART EXHIBITION IN THE USA and the artist is all excited as well as nervous!

Since her first solo exhibition 6 years ago, held at the quirky St Augustine's Tower in Hackney, East London, Shiri has been fortunate to have received the award of ‘The best artist in Brent’ (North West London) and has exhibited in various exciting places/events/cities. These include, The Commonwealth Secretariat, The Houses of Parliament, The Olympic African Village...Cities include Adelaide, Lisbon, Barcelona, Douala, and Chiang Mai, to name a few.

Today, Shiri Achu is excited to present in Washington DC, for one week only ‘36 In Print: DC’. This exhibition follows ‘35InPrint: London’ which took place from 19th – 25th April 2014 at the Strand Gallery in central London. It was a great success and it saw the Mayor of Harrow attending amongst many others.

Shiri Achu’s art comes from every day, unsurprising yet unexpectedly vivid moments, times, places and objects. She seeks to capture the spirit of her subjects and make them come alive through form, colour, texture and tone. She draws insight from her travels but in general her inspiration is very broad; from natural moments captured in Africa to still objects, from the human form to the human in action etc.

Ever increasingly so, one of the aim of Shiri Achu Art is to showcase the African culture worldwide. She finds beauty in the woman carrying her child on her back and going her way, she finds beauty in the old lady who makes here ‘achu’ in her dark outdoor kitchen for her grandchildren, she finds beauty in the African fabrics, she finds beauty, envy even, in the young girl climbing the tree!! So she paints these images. For her, they are beautiful moments and for that moment, whilst she works on that piece she buries herself in the story and in the culture.

36InPrint: DC exhibition will largely consist of 36 Framed Signed Limited Edition Shiri Achu Art Prints. You will be able to purchase these limited signed prints at very affordable prices.
During the private view on Thursday 5th May, there will be live music from the fabulous singer Naomi Achu.

There will also be a raffle on the night.  Three lucky people will win signed limited edition framed prints worth $400 each as well as the new album from Naomi Achu!

Shiri Achu Art looks forward to welcoming you at 36InPrint: DC join the invite list here to get all the updates.

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