Sunday, October 4, 2015


It is a brand new month, just two months away till the end of 2015 and what better way for us to kick off the celebrations than with some cool selfies ! Oh yes!

The selfie is still one of the biggest social phenomenons and addiction of the new millennium with millions of selfie images shared everyday across the social media platforms. Did you know in the UK alone last year over 1.2 billion selfies were shared?

Across the 237 platforms, this is certainly no different and every week we share with you some of our best...take a look at what we have!

Nathalie Koah's younger siblings
Ebangha Njang - Kreef Ent & Gasha - Music artist
Vumomsé - Music artist
Okawa Shaznay - Actress
Wax - Music artist & Brice Albin - Radio host
Teety Tezano - Music artist
Syndy Emade - Model/actress
Panie - Artist manager & Bana C4 - Music group
Ruth Nkweti - Actress
Arrey - Music artist & Edi LeDrae - Music producer
Ebangha Nkwanyuo - Fashion designer
Stanley Enow - Rapper, Martin Enow - Motherland CEO & Dikalo Chie - Rapper & Motherland co-founder
Missy BK - Music artist
Askia - Music artist & Mr Adrenaline - Music video director
Arrey - Music artist & Smarty LeDrae - Blogger
Constance Lydie - Music artist
Ebangha Nkwanyuo- Designer, sister & Muenge Nkwanyuo - Zaron cosmetics retailer
Ama Tutu Muna - former Culture Minister & Tony Nobody - Rapper/urban music promoter
Willy Be - Music artist & Fidjil - TV/Radio host
Spechelle - Make up artist
Edi LeDrae - Music producer, Crispy - Rapper & Cool Kid Berka - Rapper
Afor Tumban - Model
Stive Kalas - TV show producer
Joan Ngomba - Entertainment correspondent
We just love this!
Nathalie Koah - Socialite
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