Thursday, October 15, 2015


Thonbs is an online brand store that sells to the middle class and gives to the needy. In this day and age, everyone should be able to get fashion they can afford at their fingertips and to their door in no time. The middle class in Africa is growing. The continent is producing talent and attracting investment. It's time fashion found its way there too.

The dream to provide quality affordable clothing for the middle class was only a seed in 2012. “I distinctly remember desiring to see young people like me able to afford the kind of clothing that was appropriate for work, weddings, night outs or casuals but also to give back to the community and make a real tangible difference.  In a nutshell the dream was to bring the high streets of Europe and the west within reach and not the other way round. We have achieved that with our regular circulating pop up shops and our online platform.” states Ella Chuwa, founder.

Thonbs now needs more than Ella can singlehandedly offer her and is now set to scale greater heights which she would like to help her get there by using the Kickstarter platform.

In a nutshell the money raised will help achieve the following:-

1) Employ 10 new workers in the Sales, Website CMS and logistics departments 
2) Furnish and equip a 400m2 office space with showroom, styling consultation room, tea area and restroom 
3) Delivery vans for logistics (not included in amount sought) 
4) Website revamp, simplification and translation (English and French) 
5) Addition of new suppliers/brands to our current offering (open to suggestions)
6) Marketing campaign including 2 pop up shops and runway shows 

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