Friday, July 10, 2015


« Kossa Moi Ça » Numerica is back following a great 2014 with a new song and video visuals to « La Magie »  directed by NS Pictures. The video takes us into a ‘magical’ world in which are highlighted the dancing skills of the young artist. The singer operates in an artistic decor and a natural landscape, surrounded by his dancers to a perfectly executed choreography.

Festive scenes and a great dance moves which we have come to love with Numerica, with a mix of musical genres. Coupé décalé and afropop blended with techno sounds in this new piece that will surely ignite dance floors!

With this third single coming off his new EP titled 'My Own Way' that was released in May 2015, the young artist proves once again that making his fans boogie is high on his agenda.

Numerica is in full promotional media tour that kickstarted in the city of Douala…take a look at the video below.

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