Monday, October 6, 2014


Back in late July, we were contacted by a Camer entrepreneur based in Oslo, Norway named Ateh Atabong who asked if we would be interested in reviewing their new solar lamps designed for students and families in Cameroon and to be sold by his company Pharmerci Ltd. A few months later and yup ofcourse we agreed to it and here we are proud owners of Sunbell solar lamp an award winning product designed in Norway with 3 international awards for design and practicality already won.

These lamps are quite practical, providing a solution to the acute power shortage problem in both on grid and off grid areas of Cameroon by providing a renewable source of energy. For the city dweller, it can be used to save money on utility/electricity bills and for those who constanly travel to rural areas and villages, the Sunbell is a product worth having and worth extending to other family relatives and friends.

The lamps can potentially offer an increase in the economic condition of small business owners such as call box operators and other SMEs by providing a cheaper and more sustainable energy necessary to operate at night time topped with the added benefit of providing their customers as well as themselves the possibility of recharging their mobile phones sur place! Yes!

The lamp is beautifully visual, made entirely of plastic and in different bright colours too. The lightbulb has a 7 year span while the battery itself 5 years lasting all through the lamp's lifetime. The lamps will all carry a 1 year warranty with a 'how to use the product' training provided by Pharmerci Ltd to ensure they are used correctly. If you however buy a defected lamp, a replacement will be provided. Cool customer care right?! The company also aim to train a few selected electricians across the country who will be responsible for repair and parts replacements.

The solar lamp is very functional, it is so light (weighs 100 grams) that even a one year old toddler can pick it up but don't fret it will not burn! It can be used as a bedside lamp, a torch light to see those hard to see areas, it can be hung up, put down or wrapped around the neck for when you need to use your hands to work.

The solar lamps also tick the health box...did you know that burning kerosene lamps indoors is equivalent to smoking 2 packs of cigarettes a day according to the UN? Health is wealth and for a one time payment of about 30,000 FCFA a family home could be safe, economically better and also environmentally clean through the use of solar lamps.

For the student market, a more flexible design dubbed the Sun Turtle is available with an even affordable pricing.

Overall, this is a product which we would recommend time and time again!

Here are some images below of how we enjoyed our solar lamp...from unravelling the simple packaging to how we charged our lamp and how we used it! Don't be jealous now ;)


 Here are some other ways to use your lamp... 

The Sun Turtle
Ready to own one too? Here is where to go:

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Anonymous said...

Great product ! I'm a little bit confused by this statement - "The lightbulb has a 7 year span while the battery itself 5 years lasting all through the lamp's lifetime"
If the light bulb has a 7 year span and the battery only 5 years, how can you say the battery lasts through the lamps lifetime ? Do you have replacement batteries ?

lifetimeblogger said...

Hello Anonymous, my name is Ateh Atabong and I am responsible for the product in Cameroon. The battery and the light bulb are made by different companies. The product as a whole has 5 years lifetime as it is today tested…testing continues. Information given is what we are sure of. When you buy the lamp, all calculations and savings and guarantee are given for 5 years.
I am happy you like the product…we do too!

IRepCamer said...

This is a great and practical product!!

Ateh Atabong said...

Yes indeed! We are doing a demonstration on saturday night at Mars Restaurant Limbe for some customers. Those who are nearby are free to join!
Cheers :)

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