Thursday, October 16, 2014


Where can we start with this new one from the Ponce?! Like since the Ca La video where Lady Ponce showed us why she is rightly and should be crowned the queen of Bikutsi and ofcourse today we see again why as the Ponce gave all her fans worldwide a great gift this evening when she released "Poisson Fumé" (Dried Fish) the video to a single off her 6th album entitled "Bain de Son."

Lady Ponce in her songs has never been shy to pass on to her audience some life's wisdom gotten from her mother and grandmother as well as learnt through her own life experiences. Poisson Fumé - 'dried fish' in English; is a personification of men in general. It serves as a warning to women to love their men as they are for what they are because if they try to change them they will only just break into pieces just like dried fish!! Est-ce que elle ment?! LOL!!

The humoristic track even goes as far as to also warn women never to leave one African man for another because they are all similar just like a poisson fumé! So "il faut supporter son défaut" because they are "impossible de redresser, difficile a changer"

So girls be warned already!! Watch the delightful scenic video shot it seems on the North side of Cameroon by renowned NS Pictures below and see how royal Lady Ponce looks...enjoy!

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