Saturday, July 12, 2014


With the Stevens record label and Gasha rift finally over and dealt with properly behind the scenes by the two parties, the public can now bask in the music glory and  talent that is Gasha's. 

We are given the opportunity to once more enjoy the follow up video to single "Faya Di Burn" in peace and boy is it a bombshell!!

There is no denying that Gasha is one of Cameroon's most talented artist and currently the musically gifted of all of them in terms of voice delivery, music originality and lyrics too - a real package that is capable of attaining greater heights if only the right attitude and management is applied as well as the right projection and promotion strategy is developed and implemented to get her to where she deserves to be.

So without delaying with much talk, here is finally the video that we have all been wanting to see all this while!!

Meanwhile, Gasha has been nominated on the Best Female Central Africa category at the AFRIMMA. Voting can be done here >>>

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