Sunday, July 13, 2014


These past few days on Twitter we were constantly tagged on a series of tweets that were counting down the release of a single. We usually get a few of those and we always wait to hear what is being proposed. 

There is always 2 ways in which these new songs are received by us - either in excitement or in disappointment sometimes wishing we could fully give back our feedback without crushing dreams. 

Well, thank heavens that on this occasion, all we have been feeling is a combination of excitement and amazement. Excited to know that such a talent that is EWUBE exists within the 237 scene and amazement as to the ease of how she sings and effortless, how simple!! What a breath of fresh air!! So here we have it a Bayangi girl on an afropop song with a dancehall twist with effortless vocals like those of Rihanna...ohhh yessss, we foresee a winner!! All she needs to do now is to work on her image and brand and she should be able to fly higher higher!!

Whether you dey chop na puff puff, no care, whether you dey drink na garri, no care, whether you dey chop burning fish no care, whether you dey drink na Tangui...well no care either! Here is "Party All Nyte" by EWUBE of Best Music Inc. Song produced by Slimbeatz.

Follow her on Twitter: @Its_ewube
Facebook: Ewube Official

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Stay sweet

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