Monday, May 26, 2014


POM Radio Extra is a Cameroon led online radio hub based in London, U.K catering to all the lovers of African music. The radio in operation since July 2013 under the name of POM Radio U.K is broadcasted from the U.K, Republic of Ireland, and the U.S.A.

Recently, the radio has been undergoing some re-branding and restructuring with a re-launch scheduled for June 1st 2014 unveiling with it a brand new website The radio’s mobile app can be freely downloaded from iTunes for Apple users, from Google Playstore for Android users and can be found on TuneIn Radio app for Blackberry and Windows mobile users. 

Programs to watch out for include The Request Show (TRS), Focus On, Top10 Countdown, Kokoriko Praise and Late Night Talk among many others. The Request Show(TRS) will be a live broadcast program where listeners can call in or text in their shout outs and/or song requests to their loved ones around the world. Focus On is a program where artists and other music personnels are interviewed live on the show. The Top10 Countdown is a program that presents the hottest and most requested/popular songs of the week on the radio. Kokoriko Praise is a midnight/morning devotion program for everyone from a Christian background. 

Artists who would like their songs to be aired on the radio can do so by contacting and also any individual or company that would like to advertise on the radio can contact .

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ann said...

Africans would be very happy when they heard about this online radio news especially to those who loves music. :)