Monday, May 12, 2014


About 2 days ago, the online Cameroon community was buzzing for a whole different reason.

It was reported that a young policeman shot and killed his young wife during a domestic row over the latter not spending the night at their matrimonial home.

The deceased

The deceased named as Barbara Efioh was arguing with her alleged husband Vincent Efioh at her place of work at the CFC in central town Yaoundé. As the argument heated up and fearing that he was about to lose his wife through divorce, Vincent apparently drew out his gun and shot at his wife. He then followed to shooting and killing himself too.

Through the reaction of those who knew the couple, the husband has been painted as an unfaithful control freak who requently beat his wife. The wife apparently had had enough and had decided to leave him. According to the news, she spent the night at her sister's place and was ready to divorce her husband. Apparently both had no children in the marriage and were originally from the South West Province.

What an awful tragedy this is, 2 lives lost at a blink of an eye. May they both RIP.

Image taken from Facebook with permission.

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