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Welcome readers old and new to the Dulce Camer blog. Thanks for passing by. On today's post we are continuing our feature on new talents we discovered on the Mboa Urban Music Mixtape Vol 1 launched a few weeks ago on the Mboa Urban Music site and put together by a young lady by the name of Esther Naah and her team. If you missed our post go here. Esther is a young entrepreneur who is passionate about music and whose speciality is marketing and communications so we are definitely expecting more contribution from her!

The Mboa Urban Music online portal has as its objective to be the platform that permits Cameroonians and those lovers of Cameroonian music around the world to discover, listen, share, download and talk about the rising urban music scene.

The mixtape was well received and it sure did create a massive buzz online revealing the thirst and hunger towards great quality Cameroonian urban music from the public.  If you missed our first talent, go here.

Today the spotlight is on Veeby, a massive young talent based in Canada. This independendent lady has some sassy and sexy lyrics heard in the track "I Dont Need Your Money" and is indeed an asset to the growing Cameroon music industry. Below is our catchup with the beautiful diva in the making ;-) 

DC: What is the weather like where you are? 
Veeby: Summertime, some showers but still hot ...25 degrees and up.

DC: Nice! How did you spend the day of today? 
Veeby: Reading, vocal working, writing for some projects.

DC: What is your favourite scent? 
Veeby: Brown Sugar

DC: Cool. 3 characteristics that describe your personality are?
Veeby: Workoholic, Simple, Humanist

DC: Tell us more about yourself. 
Veeby: I am a young woman from Cameroon living in Canada working as a Project Manager in International Relations and Youth Field and I am also a music artist.

DC: How long have you been doing music for and what made you interested in it? 
Veeby: I have been doing music for 15 years now. Not an interest...I am made for this, can't fight it lol!

DC: Nice answer! So enlighten our readers, what type of music do you do? 
Veeby: My music is urban with an African twist. I do Afrosoul, R&B, Hip Hop...

DC: And so far, what has been the highlight of your career? 
Veeby: Many blessings, can't count them. I am just thankful.

DC: Great! And who are you influenced by? 
Veeby: I am influenced by artists such as Ella Fitzgerald, Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston, Sally Nyolo, Miriam Makeba, India Arie, Alicia Keys, Charlotte Mbango, Fela and Femi Kuti...

DC: How did you feel to be one of the 15 artists on the Mboa Tape Vol 1 Mix tape?
Veeby: I feel really blessed. It is a great project. Cameroon got talent! 

DC: Definitely, Cameroon got talent! How did this happen? Give us the story!
Veeby: Well Esta DM'ed me on Twitter, she gave me the concept, I felt it , I sent a song and that's it!

DC: Swift!! Do you have any future collabos with other artists or platform in the pipeline? 
Veeby: Chhhhhh....secret.

DC: Ohhh we love secrets lol!! What is your opinion about the way artists in Cameroon are promoted? 
Veeby: Sincerely I think Cameroonian artists deserve better promotion. I feel like we are like brut diamonds, diamonds which will remain in the dark because we lack solid industry workers.

DC: You are right. And finally, what makes or what breaks an artist in your opinion? 
Veeby: Nothing breaks an artist is just a matter of perception. Nowadays, the public is the key, but an artist remains an artist.


We hope you enjoyed our catch up with Ms Veeby and we are so looking forward to the shhhh...secret collabo in the making :-)

See her do her thang below...enjoy!!

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Twitter: @Veeby1

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