Friday, October 17, 2008


MOBO award nominees, Magic System, enchtanted over a thousand fans at a concert in Washington DC last sunday.

Opening with a smooth acapella number, the Ivorian chart-toppers unleashed an assault on the senses with sing-along hits such as "Gaou", "Kit dit mie" and "Bouger Bouger".

The bash continued at the Blu Lounge & Grill where trendy party people from Africa and beyond mingled witht he stars and rocked all night to sounds from DJ Yveco's selecta!

"The event was a great success" said Barnes Manga, President of African Vibes Magazine, which organised it in collaboration with BCBG Productions and Impulse Entertainments.

"Africa is full of very talented individuals. As part of our goal to connect the world to Africa, it is necessary to share Africa with the world through music from our best artists" he added.
By Ngum Ngafor

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Party people having fun! All photos courtesy of African Vibes Magazine. Watch out for my interview with Amabel Niba, Founder and Editor of AVM.
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