Friday, May 20, 2016


The Fap Kolo crooner Salatiel of Alpha Better Records hascome again with another melodious something for our ears. This one titled ''Ça Se Passe Ici" is bound to generate a nostalgic feeling in the hearts of all the 70s, 80s and 90s babies since it is a mix of some of the greatest Cameroonian old school hits and we believe this should be adopted as the tune to front the National Day celebrations across Cameroon and the Diaspora today. Why you ask? Here are our reasons:-

  1. Salatiel successfully produced a song which integrates old hit tunes from Bebe Manga, Sam Fan Thomas, Tom Yoms, Ndedi Eyango, Petit Pays, Douleur, Zangalewa, Manu Dibango and new school hits like "Ça Sort Comme Ça Sort", "Coller La Petite" and "BahBah" into an uptempo afro-pop beat for this generation.
  2. The song pushes high on the theme of integration, living together as one and in harmony, bringing together and celebrating our diversity which is a number one focus especially for a National day celebration.
  3. The song pays tribute to some of our old school heroes and also celebrates music and TV personalities of this generation. What better way to celebrate our National day than to remember those who were before as well those who are there now.
  4. The song promotes Cameroon as the centre of production for the best melodies in Africa. Please someone give this dude the best champagne in the house!!
  5. We also have the best women in the world and if you didn’t know it then let Salatiel tell you. In every nation, the backbone is its women and therefore for this National day, let us give a big cheer to all the women of Cameroon for their struggles, their daily challenges but let us also cheer their resilience, their hard work, their support, their love and their dedication within their families and within the country as a whole.
Video director Nkeng Stephens has slowly but surely come of age with his editing and directing skills. He did justice to the tune with great visuals and a contagious choreography by the 21C Dance Crew.  We can also coller and enjailler this day so watch it below and enjoy!

We wish you all a very wonderful 20th May!!

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