Saturday, March 12, 2016


#ThisIsAfricaTIA is a pan-African movement to showcase African pride launched yesterday morning by Cameroonian rapper/MC/Entrepreneur; Nabil Nabstar aka Nabil Fongod. 

The campaign will be manifested in several different ways; a pan-African radio network, the 'Show Your Africa' campaign, music and events. The main theme song for the campaign will be released on the 21st of March, featuring Nabil Nabstar and DJ Pazzo.

Everybody who is African and proud is invited to join the campaign. Everybody can participate in the 'Show Your Africa' campaign by just posting photos and/or videos of Africa on social media (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) with the hashtag: #ThisIsAfricaTIA

The photos will be used on all the media campaign programs of the movement and of course credits will be given to all those who participated and shared photos, and there will be giveaways as well! So join the campaign, post your photos, and show your Africa!! Remember to always use the hashtag: #ThisIsAfricaTIA when showing off your Africa!!

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Instagram: @Thisisafrica_tia

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