Monday, February 29, 2016


Punchline is a unique show, created as a platform to enable rappers get back to the basics of rap, giving them an opportunity to be great performers!

The first edition at Dream Lounge, Buea was an event packed full with unforgettable moments!

DJ Toxic thrilled the crowd with an epic five minutes of ingenious beatboxing. Crispy held the crowd on the edge of their seats for cool six minutes, spitting bars, and even calling on fans to mime the lyrics of his critically acclaimed hit song: Small No Be Sick. It was simply magical. Guys, and even ladies were spitting Crispy’s bars.

Ngoma killed the Cypher spitting over 32 metaphorical bars, in his dialect ofcourse, but needless to say it was awesome! The crowd felt the chills. They loved his stage confidence, and even asked for a double performance of his latest come back release Ekie. You need to have seen ladies stepping to his Ekie walk.

The surprise of the night; that moment when every body went “ahhh”: one of Africa’s most successful producers, producing monster hits like…all the way from Nigeria, was there. Masterkraft on the beat!

Yes! And from the horses own mouth he was impressed about the qualityof Cameroonian music, and called on every one to play a part in making Cameroon one of Africa’s great music nations by loving our artists. He went further to call on everyone to give a standing ovation to all the artists who performed that night.

He was personally impressed by Crispy’s performance, and said we should look out for Jay Jay, who just dropped his comeback single, Feeling MaSelf.

The show was heavily attended by bigwits in the entertainment industry. The entire Industry Nite team was there to lend their support too.

Punchline indeed was an event worth remembering, bringing people all the way from Yaoundé, Douala, Bamenda, Kumba, Limbe just to name a few. Although we expected the event to be exclusively freestyles and battles, it turned out good because the performances were electrifying.

Worthy to note is the brilliant job by the emcees, Simo Jandie, later accompainied by Sparks da Virus, who doubled up as a performer and host. What an Awesome blend!

For those who couldn’t make it, here are a few pictures to whet your appetite.

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