Monday, January 25, 2016


Hello dear DC readers happy new week! There is so much music content being released so much so that we barely have time to breathe! It is really a case of you blink you miss it, you snooze you lose and we certainly do not want our readers to miss out on anything so here are the music videos that should be on your playlist... enjoy!

Rap artist MINK'S joins hands with multi talented "Fap Kolo" singer SALATIEL on title track "Sponsor"

Blaise Bsings partners with Jim42 on track "I Must To Marry You" on a video directed by Mr Adrenaline.

"Polongo" is a dance which celebrates the victory in perseverance and hardwork. According to the  LES FEATURIST, everyone has a talent in them which however long it takes will end up shinning through. 

"Wule Bang Bang" by multi talented MAGASCO is currently one of the best songs around taken from his debut EP Raw Gold. The song addresses the man's love for his fair skinned crush.

LOCKO's deput EP Skyzo announces his multi faceted personality with "Ndutu" being one of the songs from the playlist. A song which celebrates the beauty and diversity of our Cameroonian beauties.

DYNASTIE LE TIGRE is back with a new love song entitled "Juste Un Peu" featuring X Maleya's ROGER.

Mummy to be MANI BELLA is at it again with "Qui Cherche Trouve" a song which in her usual style talks about lying, cheating...behaving badly. In the video, we can see that the music star was trying as hard as possible to conceal the pregnancy with half body shots and using the male lead character as a shield. Watch the video below...

And that is it from us today!

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