Monday, December 21, 2015


Steven’s Music Entertainment (SME) is pleased to present Daphne’s debut album; “Here To Stay” available on 30th December 2015.

Daphne’s grand entrance into the music scene was with her first single “Rastafari” last year. Her subsequent releases have made her into a household name across Cameroon and much of Africa and she will be premiering her album during a one night-only concert at L’Impala in Douala on December 30th.

Here To Stay” is a beautiful collection of 19 tracks. A blend of songs that has their roots in Afrobeat, Makossa, Bikutsi, Pop, Salsa, Hip Hop and R&B all woven together seamlessly by Daphne’s sultry voice. She invites you into a stunning escapade of life, its ups and downs and the power of hope. As you journey through the album, fans will get to experience stories told in rhythms and sounds that are familiar yet infectious in their arrangements. 

Her simplistic approach in song writing makes for easy listening when she addresses topics like mistrust on “Famla”, hope on “Sunshine”, dreams on “Shubidu” amongst many other everyday occurrences.

To bring you this masterpiece of an album, Daphne enlisted the support of some of the finest producers and sound engineers in Cameroon including, AnyKindbeats, Philbillbeats, Winney, Kezzy, Slimbeats, Shawn Styler and CFX Music to name but a few working very closely with Daphne to bring you an album that is contemporary yet classic. 

Often compared to other great contemporary artists like Rihanna, Emily Sande, Angelique Kidjo, Tiwa Savage, her delivery on these 19 tracks are natural, showing her ability to express and elicit emotions across various topics and genres.

The album will arrive just days before the 2016 new year and will be the cornerstone to a young career that has already met great recognition from AFRIMA nomination to a recent nomination at the 2016 Kora Awards list. 

I wanted to bring our everyday experiences into music. This album is about life. It is my hope that as you listen to this album, you get frozen in time to experience life all over again…taking the lessons from every bad decision made and improving on all the good ones…celebrating all the victories again and learning to stand and run again for all the times you fell…I hope this album makes you dance” states Daphne.

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