Monday, December 15, 2014


We have been following and updating you on the progress of the SIPEC networking events in Cameroon (if you have missed them go here and here) and we are delighted to bring you the 3rd edition taking place in a few days in Douala.

SIPEC, an acronym for Sherai’s Initiative for Promoting Entrepreneurs in Cameroon seeks to promote the spirit of entrepreneurship in Cameroon through identifying entrepreneurs and small businesses and creating a platform for them to market their services and products.

The 3rd edition will bring together professionals from all industry sectors in Cameroon. The goal is to create an environment where everyone present is relevant to each other. Sales people need to close deals, HR personnels need to hire the right staff, procurement experts need to recruit the best contractors and buy the best resources for their businesses at reasonable prices, managing directors need to form great partnerships etc. Each person is relevant to each other. SIPEC events creates a pool of relevant business professionals.

On Thursday December 18, about 200 business professionsals will be gathered at Hotel Prince de Galles from 6pm with one thing in mind, interaction. The theme for this edition is “The power of Timing”. demonstrating the importance of making decisions at the right time to each of the attending guests. 

Being successful is about seizing an opportunity when the time is right. As entrepreneurs, we need to know when to seek capital finance, when to form partnerships, when to expand, when to launch a new product etc. SIPEC's objective during this edition is to emphasise the power of using time to our advantage and making timely decisions. Guest speaker on the night will be Roland Kwemain.

Check out this video from the SIPEC founder Etonde Martin on more about the event.

Hope y'all go check it out!

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