Sunday, September 21, 2014


Fresh from her AFRIMMA win in Maryland just 2 months ago, fresh from her return from her stint in the US and also fresh from a nod from the Music Maker segment on the Voice of America TV show, GASHA is back with yet again another fresh, sweet, cool melody dubbed "The Date" which narrates her story of her love of the boy next door called Nate who has for a while been blowing her mind! Also in featuring is a Mos Def lookalikey rapper named Zegeman who brings in a summery raggae twist to the song.

Will she get him to that date or won't she? And most importantly will she succeed to blow his mind too? Here below is a very cool montage by her music producer turned video producer boyfriend DJ Pazzo - who has been responsible for all her cool artistic videos so far...! Bur first before we watch that, catch GASHA being discussed on the VOA show below...

And here is The Date...she borrowed her grandma's wig, got her family and some friends together and below is the result...feel like a right laugh? Well, enjoy!

Did you spot music artist Sine in the background too? Nod if you did!
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