Friday, December 14, 2012


So guys we have been blasting the Mega Jam poster all over Facebook and a few times on our blog posts because we really believed in the ability of the organisers and the talents that were to perform.

The show was put together by a collective effort between Denzyl's Red Eye Entertainment (event founder) and MuMak with some help from BlackTriangle.

The date of the event was 12/12/12 and what an eventful date that was! Neither the organisers nor the the talents on show seemed to have let us down!

All feedback from some attendees of the show has proved that it was a total blast! In short, Buea was locked down! Apparently over 2,000 people turned up to the CNPS Hall in Buea to see acts including Magasco, Steveslil, Renise, Fluri Boyz, West Don and headlining act; Jovi - the man of the moment. It was also an album launch party for his debut LP, H.I.V.

Here are a few images we've managed to gather from Facebook uploads.

Jovi on stage

Panjo master, Steveslil on stage

Jovi and DJ of the night

Jovi & guest

Steveslil and Jovi

Steveslil and Denzyl (owner of Red Eye Ent)

Denzyl and guest

Denzyl and Magasco and guests

D'Coded presenter LeeJ aka Joan Ngomba

Joan Ngomba and Sama Ndanga, Mr Fix it

Joan Ngomba and Christa Eka; model and actress
There goes our Cameroon music industry! Developping bit by bit by the day. Well done to team effort and the success of hardworking people such as Ray Allino (Denzyl's manager), Jules Nya of MuMak (Jovi's manager), William Takor (BlackTriangle) et all.

All images courtesy of Ebot Blaise and Joan Ngomba on Facebook.

That's it folks!
Stay sweet

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