Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Hello DC peeps! Hope you all are having a very fab week.
So I wanted to report today about the little "spat" with Reprudencia Sonkey aka Dencia our barbie girl regarding her "I am Nigerian" hype which was circulating on her PR of her last track "Beri Beri".

Here is what she had to say...after refusing to comment on the matter previously.

I don't know u,you don't know me,I didn't have to respond to this neither can I go about responding to every body talking Bs,until you hear it from my mouth you don't know me nor where I originate from,u don't know my parents,you have never heard me say I am not Cameroonian,it's people like you guys spreading false rumors that make people look bad,I have been quite through out this,I will not let my pr respond,I will personally do starting from here,Maybelle if I was born and raised in Cameroon and I have a Cameroonian parent why can't or souldnt I speak French?stop it please you all need to stop it's not cute anymore fabricating stories.take it or leave it, I am proud Cameroonian Nigerian,born and raised in Cameroon,You don't know my life nor my story,and until I tell you,you will never know.I am following my dreams,take it and Do same.I am African Point blank Period #PanAfticanism. P.s all of u running your fingers with paragraphs bring me an article or interview that says Dencia denied being Cameroonian let me see maybe you can prove me wrong. I am an American citizen why didn't I claim American and I am claiming to be Nigerian/Cameroonian?or maybe it will be better if I said I was Ametican,it will make you guys feel better abi? How many of You Cameroonians ever shared an interview i did that says i was Cameroonian or anything positive i did?Guess what because all you guys do is look for negativity pls Stop.Thanks for reading @Achare thanks for trying to inject something that makes sense in people's heads.y'all Have a blessed n productive week.

So there you have it straight from the horse's mouth.
Stay sweet


Mambi. A said...

didnt know anything about this artist till recently. Irrespective, who cares what part of the globe she's from? Good luck Dencia and wish you all the best. You are talented.
Clearly you are doing something right and making it BIG because if you were not, no one will be talking about you. I say take it as a compliment ^_^

Unknown said...

Girl you know what ?go on and follow your dreams don't take of what people says or thing. And let me tell you one thing. In life don't care of what people says because if you do that, you will never progress in life.GO ON AND FOLLOW YOUR DREAM and i support you for that.THANKS

Stella said...

I didn't know she was an African o - always see her ad on US magazines and blogs and just assumed she was a black american. Well, I like her daring spirit, as per her business drive. The skin bleaching thing is a matter for her, she is an adult.

Anonymous said...

Not all Cameroonians speak french as much as not all Cameroonians speak english. Though french speaking Cameroonians will often use english words in their slang as much as english speaking Cameroonians would use french words. The Gap is bridged with pidgin english which could have more french or english and local texture depending on where one comes from.

At end of the day we are one KAMERUN. " Kamer Kamer.."

Abah - fada said...

This lady is too controversial. Claiming both Naija and Cameroon is good, but, when she could not tell which country is her mother and father, got to show that, she is fathered by an unknown person. In one article, she tried to inform her audience that, the woman she called mother was actually her grandmother whilst, the lady she grow up all her life to know and call sister is actually her mother, and that got her depressed in some point in her life. Naijas have ask her to stop claiming Naija, because she doesn't know the part of her that belongs to Naija.
Beside she is rude, maybe that is the nature and character of cameroonians.

Unknown said...

Ifancy her bluntness,there's no publicity that is a bad publicity if you handle it well,she is cool