Saturday, June 12, 2010


The 2010 World Cup kicked off in South Africa yesterday and so far the cup is for the taking by any country. The teams thus far seem good enough to win it with a bit more self belief and determination.

South Africa opened their game with a spectacular and impressive goal from Tshabalala, South Korea came to win and win they did and the Nigerian goalkeeper is one to watch in this tournament. Lets wait and see what the other games bring!

Our eyes are particularly focused on Cameroon as they play against Japan on Monday.

Group E Fixtures:
14 June Johannesburg: Netherlands - Denmark
14 June Bloemfontein: Japan - Cameroon
19 June Durban: Netherlands - Japan
19 June Pretoria: Cameroon - Denmark
24 June Rustenburg: Denmark - Japan
24 June Cape Town: Cameroon - Netherlands

Fingers crossed!
Stay sweet

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