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One of the best things musically about Europe is that the artists do not allow themselves to be affected nor influenced by the pop culture commercialism that American artists must both encounter and endure on a daily basis. Good music is good music in Europe, and artists there strive to musically preserve the genres they have an appreciation for. One such artist is London-based soul singer and songwriter Menoosha.

Menoosha was born and bred in a family of Cameroonian descent in Abidjan (Ivory Coast), and was introduced very early to music by her afro-pop singer-aunt Bebe Manga.

Menoosha came to Europe at the age of 18, and quickly established herself as a sonic force, opening for such noted artists as Miriam Makeba, and Lou Bega, and collaborating with Skoda, as well as the very popular and critically-acclaimed "Mercedes Benz Mixed Tapes." Menoosha, who's music influences range from Chaka Khan and Tina Turner to Prince and Joyce Kennedy and Axl Rose among many other greats, takes a page from the rock/funk side of those artists and added it to her own unique style of Afro/soul. The result is the stunning and stimulating, "Satellite Brown Chick", a 12-song instant classic that brings some edgy rock, mixed with a helping of gospel and subtle hip-hop/neo-soul, and even new wave influences, blended with pure soul that evokes memories when soul and rock/funk/soul were one in the 1970's and 80's. "Satellite Brown Chick" is Menoosha's first full CD, and it was worth the wait.

The album carries the spirit and expression of what Menoosha feels as she sings on the Rock'n'Roll flavoured track “Satellite Brown Chick”. “Like the moon evolving like a natural satellite around the earth and other planets, sharing its energy, I interact in the same way with people I meet. I love sharing my energy with others, and feeling a positive feedback. So I literally have a problem with anybody who tries to mould me to do something else. And why Brown Chick? Politically I am a BLACK woman, but looking at myself in the mirror with the eyes of a free-minded child, brown is the colour I attribute to my skin.”

The album opens in a pentecostal atmosphere that Menoosha enjoys in her spiritual life. While Dario Allegra demonstrates the true talents of a Multi-Instrumentalist, Producer, Arranger, and Singer (on “Talk to me”), Menoosha displays her vocal versatility. On “Get by”, “Don't touch my stereo” or “Satellite Brown Chick”, she showcases true grittiness. This earned her comparisons to Mother's Finest's Joyce Kennedy and En Vogue's Dawn Robinson. “Talk to me”, “X-thousand miles”, “Order a friend” and “Sweet Beulah Dreams” show her softer side. On “Crumbs of Love”, Menoosha whines about an abusive relationship, almost like a “female D'Angelo” (www.Soulsite.de). Menoosha teams up once again with M.anifest on the Electro-Rock-HipHop track "Superhero". Finally she returns to her West African roots in an upbeat celebration with “Woyoo” and “Chamukuana”.

“Satellite Brown Chick” was recorded and mixed at POWW Studios and mastered at True Track Recording. Participating musicians include multi-instrumentalist Dario Allegra, guitar players Johannes Solf and Marcus Vollmer and bass player Benno Richter. The album will be released independently through Daraja Recordings on February 27th, 2010.

Live performances are planned for this summer 2010, starting off in Germany, France and United Kingdom. Dates will be posted on her official website and Myspace in due time.
Hard copies (CDs) of "Satellite Brown Chick" now available on amazon.com for $12.98, alternatively get the mp3s for $8.99.
(excerpts from this piece from www.soulinterviews.com and www.prlog.org)

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