Tuesday, April 14, 2009


She was the talent that launched Dulce Camer back in August 2008. Back then we talked about her work as an architect, the design of her home and her love of Arts - especially painting!

Since then, this young woman of many talents has gone from strength to strength and now we see her unveiling her first ever art exhibition to the rest of the public, starting with a private viewing this thursday and friday (16th & 17th April).

Dulce Camer as usual has first scoop to all the details!
See below our mini interview with the lady herself. Also see if you can spot three pictures of her paintings below.....lol, yes paintings!

DC: So, tell us what the 30th act is all about? What is the idea behind this exhibition?
SA: Well, I've been painting almost all my life and have always wanted to have an exhibition - as I approach 30 years of age, I decided to DO this!!! Thus embarked on the The 30th Act - worth of 30 pieces.
DC: What is the message / or messages behind your paintings?
SA: I like my paintings to speak for themselves, to bring back memories, to shock and also to bring joy. These are clearly explored in the various 3 rooms at the exhibition. There would be a floor for African art, a floor to shock and a floor of carnival colours.
DC: What has been the inspiration behind your paintings?
SA: Having travelled extensively, I gain inspiration from many and anything - so it’s quite easy to have an idea or me to say to myself " I'm going to do a painting of that someday".
DC: What do you aim to achieve with this exhibition?
SA: Firstly, I'd like to reach my goal - have a great opening on Thursday 16th and Friday 17, and have a great exhibition for my 30th. I'd also like as many people to just enjoy some of my many inspired moments and of course to have many sales.

DC: Would this be a one off or are you thinking of maybe having regular exhibitions of your work?
SA: Hmm - you know, after this one, I think I should start having them yearly - what do you think? 31 for next year!!! WOW better start now...
DC: How much time have you invested in getting everything ready?
SA: I started in September last year... it’s been some time!
DC: And the financial aspect?
SA: Art is expensive but this is my first solo exhibition so I have not been overly concerned about the amount I have spent, but I do hope there are art collectors out there - well, let’s see!
DC: How stressfull is it getting an exhibition together?
SA: Very. Well, its two days before the show and I’m panicking!!! A lot to organize, to confirm etc etc

DC: On a happier note, how else do you intend to spend your birthday? (Dulce Camer will need pictures!!!!!)
SA: LOL - pictures you will have!! Should make an interesting set of photos actually as I’m having a masquerade ball. I look forward to seeing you there!
DC: So, what does the future hold for Ms Shiri Achu?
SA: Well, someone once said the world is my oyster - By God's grace I believe it still is. Preparing for this first exhibition has been very exciting to say the least - although I’ve had sleepless nights. This has only shown me how much I've missed painting and expressing myself in the way I choose. My father has just advised me that I must continue - and father I shall obey. I will also work in my other field as an architect and work with the two. Art and Design. I think they do go hand in hand actually. When I can combine the two professions in this way, it would be great!!

DC: Many thanks!
SA: And thanking you!! I look forward to seeing you there at the exhibition opening and at the ball!!!!

If you spotted the pictures of her paintings above, then I am sure you wouldn't want to miss the remaining 27 would you now???
So, please come to St Augustine's Tower, Mare Street E8 1AE in Hackney on thursday and friday for her private viewing. Thereafter, it is opened to the rest of the public from Monday 20th to Tuesday 28th April.....Get down there and support....and don't forget your wallet at home!
See you at the masquerade ball...for those who have been invited ;-))
Stay sweet


Anonymous said...

straight outta the mbu highlands. it's in the blood. go shiri, go shiri! i really wish i cud be at the exhibition.


A.A.MORCHO said...

let me be the first and the proudest to respond to this article. Having witnessed the effortlessness yet intensity with which she paints, I have to say she has not even begun to scratch her true potential. Though obviously gifted, she gives herself very little credit. She is a harsh critic of her own work, unbelieveable but refreshing.Her ability to transpose her verve and blithe into her paintings is the secret to her magnetism. Move aside digital cameras, for where you capture the stillness, Shiri captures the life and the story that follows. " ahh lucky me, that in the comfort of my home, mine eyes should witness beauty create beauty with the stroke of a brush. " - A.A.MORCHO

Anonymous said...

here we go again the Mbu girls just cant stop being so creative, Shiri i wish u all da best at your exhibition, sorry i cant be there 2 give u all the support u need as duty calls on the other side but i know u will have a wonderful day showcashing those wonderful artpieces of urs.
stay creative

Anonymous said...

Hey gurl...congratulations and weldone...keep it up with the art...is a fantastic inspiration and u are jst so natural...I like it. May the Almighty continue to give you the strength, wisdom and knowledge of creativity.
One love and peace
Ms Ning

APU said...

Sis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am looking forward to next years one too.... so as u said, get to work!!!! I am sooo proud to be associated with such great talent, and vision. May the Lord continue to lead, direct, drive and inspire you my dear... You can, and you are amazing.... never second guess your gift! One love!

Anonymous said...

Apparently the venue for this event has changed. Dulcer update us oh

Dulce said...

@ the anonymous comment above, the venue for THIS event remains as what is in the interview.
So please come down to St Augustine's Tower, Mare Street, E1 1AE, Hackney, London.
See you there tomorrow from 6.30pm.

Anonymous said...

Hello and THANKYOU all so so much for your kind, KIND words and goodluck wishes.

I only hope you enjoy the exhibition as much as I enjoyed creating them.

Hope to welcome you there tonight!