Thursday, January 8, 2009


Despite the tragedy of his death, Bright Fuh has ignited new hope future of health care in

The “playful” and “jovial” son of Bafut natives Gladys Ambesso and Godwill Fuh succumbed to a rare form of eye cancer after an epic two-year battle.

He breathed his last yesterday morning at the Gynaecological Hospital, Yaoundé.

“Our little warrior fought the best fight he could. I believe he is resting in God's arms,” said Lady Kate Njeuma, who coordinated an international effort to save the boy’s life.

Images of Bright Fuh’s tumour-plastered face first hit television screens in Cameroon last November and quickly spread across the diaspora via the internet.

Shocked and moved well-wishers created the Friends of Bright Fuh organisation in collaboration with the US-based African Women’s Development Foundation.

Led by Njeuma, the group sought to evacuate Bright to America for treatment unavailable in Cameroon.

However bureaucracy and tensions with Fuh’s doctor, Prof Anderson Doh, hindered their efforts.

Both parties eventually resolved their differences and are working on funeral plans together.

“Right now, supporting the family for the funeral is paramount” said Lady Njeuma.We are also trying to find out if there are any uncleared medical bills in the hospitalso that Bright's parents don't have to deal with that aftermath,” she added.

The boy whom she described as an angel will be laid to rest in Bafut.

Friends of Bright Fuh now aims to create a Non Governmental Organisation, which will help other seriously sick children.

You can donate money towards Bright’s funeral and in aid of his parents via Moneygram and Western Union. Please pay to: the Bright Fuh Fund. To contribute via paypal, visit:

Writer’s note:

What an amazing boy! May he rest in peace. From out of the blue, Bright stole our hearts and reminded us of what we can achieve when we work together.

Many thanks to the Friends of Bright Fuh organisation and everyone else who supported Bright and his family through their ordeal. While we remember them in our prayers, let’s do our best to ensure that Bright’s life is not in vain.

We will keep you updated on developments regarding the NGO and other related efforts.

By Ngum Ngafor


Dulce said...

Sad sad sad, at least he is now resting. I hope the purpose of his very short and traumatic life is realised.

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